The ancient Toda community people are the residents of Ooty. Toda people have a rich history of culture which bounded by the symbiotic relationship they have with the nature and their mountains . They have many stories to tell to us about the legacy of Toda community.

MAKING of Puthkulis

Thoda women are famous for making shawls. They create beautiful embroidery work on shawls worn by both sexes, called “putkuli”. Putkulis are still wear by todas at all important functions, festivals and community events. Learning the making of putkulis is an extraordinary activity for a tourist and must be indulged in when they visit Toda village and its people.


The holy Toda temples in the village are a must-visit for architecture lovers and cultural learners to witness the structure and sanctity of the ancient temples. Temples are huts shaped like beehives and made of bushes. The huts are placed slightly below the ground and the surrounding area is excavated. This is the most interesting part that Toda Huts offers to the visitors.


Toda tribes are lived in bamboo huts with thatched roofs that are in a semi barrel shape and have no windows. They have small entrance and requires one to bend to enter the hut.  Toda huts will definitely be a lifetime experience.

🌸Experience the essence of spirituality through India’s renowned classical dance forms and embark on a journey of bliss.

Let your soul express itself through Bharatanatyam and Kathakali

Bharatantyam is a tradition that originated from Bharatamuni’s Natya Shastra and spread to temples of TamilNadu with the aim of deepening religious experience.  This phenomenal art form involves a blend of music, emotion and beat, and mastering it demands extensive training and practice. Bharatanatyam today is a mix of religious and non-religious themes, as well as fusion styles.


Kathakali, one of India’s most recognized dance forms, is not just a tourist gimmick that adorns colorful tourist brochures.

Most of the tourists and travellers know very little about it, except for the extraordinary make up  and costumes worn by the dancers. To entertain our travels, we offer the chance to delve in to the beautiful art form with the heart of an artist. Power of Kathakali can only witness after its performance. No one can explain it’s purity and spirit through words.