We offer you the best Ooty tour packages based on different budget needs. Still not happy? Then you can customize your own package for your Ooty tour. You can make all your bookings and arrangements before you actually step into Ooty.

Toy Train in Ooty, is one of the key attractions of the popular hill station Ooty.
Weaving amidst the forests, dark serpenting tunnels , sharp bends, and amid mist and fog, the Nilgiri Mountain Train will take you on a spectacular trip up and down the green slopes .

Honeymoon Package

Ooty is definitely a fantastic place to spend time before you start a new life. A peaceful place to know each other.  You will have a lot of options to add to your package. That means, you can customize it.

🐝Sightseeing at Ooty lake, Botanical Gardens and Avalanche lake

🐝Toy train ride

🐝Candle light dinner

🐝Boat rides

🐝Flower decoration

🐝Bath tubs

🐝Bone  fire

Family Ooty Tour Package

Our Family tour package starts  from Rs 7000/- per one kid and two adults. You can also customize the package if you want based on the number of family members you have and other requirements.

👣 Sightseeing

🐾Toy train ride


🐾Kids activities

🐾Wildlife tours

🐾Tea Museum


Are you ready to soaking in views ?


Botanical Garden is the prime tourist attraction in Ooty .  The Garden is quite huge with different varieties of plants, manicured lawns and so many different varieties of flowers of all possible colors. It will be a mesmerizing experience to walk up and down the length and breadth of the entire area and soaking in the views. Apart from the beautiful flower beds,  it has glass houses, cactus garden, lily pond, fossil barks. Overall Botanical Garden is an absolute synonym for greenhouse.

Note*Entrance tickets are priced at 40 rupees per tourist with separate tickets for still and video cameras


Surrounded by groves of Eucalyptus and the Nilgiri ranges in the background, the Ooty Lake is one of the most serene and peaceful tourist attractions in Ooty. You can enjoy various activities by visiting Ooty Lake.  By visiting Ooty Lake you can enjoy various activities. Boating is a popular tourist activity in Ooty Lake. There are plenty of boats available to take a dazzling trip across the lake. You can hire paddle boats, motor boats or rowing boats from there and take a ride through the tranquil lake. Children can enjoy a fun ride on the mini train and go around the lake and park. The amusement park is a popular destination for tourists visiting Ooty Lake, featuring fun attractions like a haunted house, mirror house and horse rides. Ooty lake is also couple friendly especially for honeymooners. Ooty Lake is an ideal destination for honeymooners and couples. Well-constructed lake-side walks may offer noise-free ways for couples to observe and enjoy the lake.



A trip to Ooty wouldn’t be complete without a horseback ride in addition to the botanical gardens, tea estate, and other attractions.  At the Ooty Lake, close to your resort accommodation, as well as many other locations throughout the city, horseback riding is possible. The experience of horseback riding is one-of-a-kind for people who have never done it. These horses are sound and professionally trained. Before you mount your horse, the instructor will teach you the fundamentals and remain by your side at all times. Your horse will be taught how to walk, halt, and even turn. It is an experience in and of itself to be able to communicate with this magnificent animal.
Entry Fee
Adult: INR 150
Child: INR 50


 The toy train ride through beautiful tunnels, bridges and curves is truly a wonderful experience.  Toy train ride is famous for an adventurous ride amidst the nature’s finest beauty This 46 km toy train journeys through the picturesque valley, amazing tunnels, steep curves, beautiful bridges and the lush green Nilgiris Mountain to reach Ooty from Mettupalayam  will take you on a spectacular trip up and down the green slopes . Taking a ride of this mountain railway is one of the must to do activities in Ooty which one cannot miss.
Average cost – 100/person


Ooty Cottage stay

Make your trip more budget friendly with your stay.
A cottage stay is a best option for your budget friendly trip to Ooty. Cottages offer good services and facilities to help make your stay more comfortable and hill cottage stay will make your stay more memorable.

Pick your choice from the list of cottages offered by Us.


Golfing in Ooty – For a lasting memory in your Ooty diary.

  The Ooty golf course is nestled against the slope of terraced tea gardens, affording magnificent views of the Nilgiris, is an ideal place to spend time while visiting Ooty. The course extends over 193.56 acres and comprises 18 holes.It contains many varieties of trees like oak, aromatic eucalyptus,  Rhododendron and fir which add to the scenic atmosphere adding a picturesque atmosphere to the entire stretch of land. Besides golfing , guests can indulge in indoor games like billiards, cards, and table tennis. Recreational facilities for numerous indoor games including a swimming ,bar and a restaurant pool are also available for use by the golfers. An Avalanche range comprising of thick dense and forestland surrounds the entire Ooty Golf Course lending a scenic and unforgettable sight to view.

*Entry is allowed only to their guests and members.


Tea- Tranquility -Ooty  – A wonderful combination that is a must-have for Ooty visitors.

Exquisite tea plantation is the key feature of Ooty .The tea plantations and tea museum in your Ooty tour are going to be the best things that you enjoy. Yes,  Ooty has got some amazing tea plantations and tea estate which can be one of the best places that you should not miss here.  By visiting tea museum you can learn  the entire  process of  and evolution of tea production and you will get a chance to taste freshly brewed teas from the factory. Shopping is also possible at the factory outlet. Apart from tea., chocolate making, inspection, tasting and shopping are also arranged for the visitors.


Bored of seeing usuall sightseeing places?

Wait!…we have some thing diffrent to show you in Ooty. Many people are unaware that Ooty has a lot of adventure activities to explore. This camping, trekking, and activity package allows you to do just that while adding a dash of excitement.

Explore our Adventure tour packages in Ooty start from

+Trekking at Doddabetta Peak

+Glenmorgan Trek

+Camping at masanagudi


+Horse Riding

Trekking at Doddabetta peak

Ooty is surrounded by mountains and peaks around, it isn’t surprising at all why the trekking is such a popular adventure activity there.

Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Mountain. This trekking destination offers an alluring view of the colourful rhododendrons over dense lush greenery. Being a perfect choice for trekking enthusiasts the level of trek is easy to medium.

Location:- Doddabetta peak

Price:- Starts from INR 3500 per person

Glenmorgan Trek

Glenmorgan trek is an astonishing experience to visualize the real natural beauty and stay relaxed in this slice of paradise.  It’s a fun trek covering almost all the tribal villages around Glenmorgan and experience an amazing view point from the top of tea estates. You can witness the panoramic perspectives of the Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, and Mudumalai Sanctuary together.Glenmorgan viewpoint is the final destination of your trek journey.


Enjoy the wild, create memories, take nothing from the forests, but leave only your foot prints.
Ooty is blessed with great and scenic spots to enjoy the camping trip with family or friends.It is the best way to explore nature, relax, and have fun with some great outdoor activities. Below are two of the most explored camping sites in Ooty.
Camping at Avalanche( optional), 
Avalanche is one of the wettest places in India and keeps the valley covered in beautiful shades of green all round the year.  The mountain ranges covered with shola forests, and the numerous sporadic waterfalls crawling down the slopes, create a picturesque backdrop. The activities offered, along with the adorable views, sets up Avalanche Lake  as the perfect getaway for families, friends and solo travellers alike.  You can indulge in many other activities other than pitching tent. Avalanche Lake is an enthralling abode with activities like camping, fishing and rafting. customization is available if you’re interested in any of the  following activities.

        +Bird watching

        +Trout Fishing


        +Forest Safari

        +River Rafting

Camping at Masanagudi

If you want to combine the thrill of trekking and hiking through the dense forest with camping, then masanagudi is the right place to set up your weekend with lots of adventure activities.


Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills, Masinagudi is a part of the beautiful Mudumalai National Park. Masinagudi is noted for its rich forests and abundant flora and fauna. With wildlife and a plethora of greenery around every corner, camping in Masinagudi gives you an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Wildlife Safari would provide an ample amount to watch as well as capture some photos of a few unique birds and many wildlife creatures. In the evening the troop will get along with you for a small nature hike in wild spots with enough protection and guide provided. You can then set up a campfire to warm the place up.

+Nature Hike

          +Jungle safari

          +Watching wild species

Night Safari
Following their resort stay, our travelers will embark on an on-road night safari. You and your friends can have a relaxing ride on a fun jeep safari. While on the on-road safari, you can stop by the open market and shop until you drop from Ooty’s best collection at competitive prices. We shall provide a jeep safari into the adjacent forest with a resort guide to view the nighttime Ooty woodland wilderness if the situation is safe and secure.


Get ready for an enthralling safari to witness the beautiful flora and fauna inhabiting in Ooty.


Mudumalai National Park

Enjoy this fascinating Jeep safari with your friends and family, which takes you through winding, off-the-beaten-path routes and offers you some of the best views of gorgeous, diversified, known-unknown animal and bird species. In this journey through the jungle you can spot animals like common langur, bonnet macaque, Bengal Tiger, leopard, wild dog, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, elephants, gaur, sambar, Indian muntjac, mouse deer, wild boar, rodent and flying squirrel, lots of different species of Birds and flying peacock . We promise that It will be an amazing experience you have in your journey.

Entry Tickets are not  included in the package.

This activity can be booked by a minimum of four(4).

  Individuals should be aged 6 years above to participate in this safari.

Package -: 7000 / jeep


Morning: 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Evening: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM